Puffers Train Challenge
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****** Version 1.7 Preview! ********* Golden Spike Level ******

New Update Supports Historic Trains!

Arriving Soon!

Puffer's Train Challenge

Puffer version 1.7

Puffer's Train Challenge

A Family Frinedly Game with both Zen (unlimited moves) and Star modes.

Help Puffer the Locomotive by placing tracks and building a railroad through each level of the game. Use the least amount of moves to:

1. Earn Stars on each level.

2. Win Awards as you play.

3. New Bonus Levels to Conquer!

Puffer starts off simple but grows more challenging and more addicting as your steam engine rolls on! Build Bridges over rivers, Tunnel through Mountains, and Enjoy the Scenery along the way!

Complete levels to become a great railroad engineer. If you're skillful enough you may even meet or beat that legendary engineer Casey Jones.

Version 1.7 includes All New Golden Spike Levels.

To open and win these levels, players need to complete their track with enough moves left - PLUS place their very last piece on top of the Golden Spike.

Now runs on your iPad Too!!!

Puffer's Train Challenge Available App Store

Available Soon to play in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese!

Golden Spike Level

See new Game Play Here.

Lite Version Too!

Puffer's Train Challenge Lite

Puffer Lite version 1.7

Puffer's Train Challenge Lite

Puffer's Train Challenge Lite is the Free version of our flagship game Puffer's Train Challenge. Both Zen (unlimited moves) and Star modes are included in Puffer Lite as well as full integration with Apple's Game Center.

Both our Lite and Full versions provide hours of railroading fun and enough challenges along the way to keep even the most savvy puzzle fan engaged in helping Puffer roll down the track.

Lite Update includes Golden Spike Levels!

Just like our Full version, Puffer's Train Challenge Lite 1.7 includes new puzzles and new challenges on Puffer's Golden Spike Levels.

Puffer's Train Challenge Lite Available App Store

Available on the App Store - Soon!

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