Pyramid Pathways

Shelly Data Doodles - About Us.

Shelly Data Doodles was founded in Janaury of 2011 as an indie software development company dedicated to the creation of iOS applications that make life fun. The idea for our company arose one evening when the primary developer and his spouse were playing a game together on their iPhones. They both said, "We sure wish we had an App that did this..." followed by, "Why don't we Build one? And we'll Make It Fun!" That idea sums up the philosophy of Shelly Data Doodles.

Primary Developer

Dan Shelly at Microsoft

Prior to starting Shelly Data Doodles our primary developer, Dan Shelly, spent 8 years with Microsoft Corporation where he helped develop Enterprise Level Line of Business Applications based on the SQL Server Relational Database Engine.

Upon retirement from Microsoft he founded Dan Shelly Data Design and worked on corporate Data Warehousing projects for clients such as Microsoft, SAP-AG Germany, and AT&T Wireless.

In recent years, Dan has served in various capacities, working with organizations concerned with social justice and improving life for those who find themselves living on the margins of society.

Our partner during this project, Memphis Tours of Egypt has been providing quality tours of the pyramids and Egypt since 1955. Be sure to check them out and maybe drop them a line to thank them for helping us create Pyramid Pathways. :)

Dan Shelly

Shelly Data Doodles

Dan founded Shelly Data Doodles because every good meal should include dessert. Following years of high end development and social justice work it was time to round this out with some Fun! We hope you find that attitude of Fun reflected in every Shelly Data Doodles App.

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