Pyramid Pathways
Pyramid Pathways

Strategy Board Game with Hidden Treasure Quests.

Pyramid Pathways is a Strategy Board Game based upon one simple concept. One player places blocks attempting to connect a horizontal line across the board. At the same time, their opponent places their blocks attempting to connect a vertical line. Whichever player creates the first end-to-end unbroken line wins the game.

Game pieces for this pyramid themed game use Egyptian hieroglyphs to create players' lines. In keeping with this theme, the images seen throughout the game derive from actual paintings and arifacts found within Egyptian pyramids.

Game play is enhanced by completing a series of Quests where players search within the pyramid's pathways for Treasure - providing Wildcards to use within the game. As doors are opened within the pyramid you will engage with stories of the ancient Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis, Seth, Anubis, and Horus.

Arabic Quest

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We have been excited to partner with Memphis Tours an Egytian company with a long history of providing tours of the pyramids.

Not only did they help to ensure that each story we present is acurate and authentic, but they also helped us translate this game into Arabic!

When using Game Center to play this new Strategy Board Game, you now may find yourself playing an Egyptian themed Board Game with players in Egypt!